Fix: Bootcamp system time issues

22 Feb 2011

I've had some time problems with my bootcamp installation. When boot in back in to Mac OS X after using my bootcamp partition the system time is +1 hour in Mac OS X.

This was quite annoying..

But after some searching I've found a solution on

  1. Boot up your bootcamp partition and logon to your Windows instalaltion

  2. Open Regedit with administrative rights

  3. Create a new DWORD string value called RealTimeIsUniversal in: HKEYLOCALMACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Control > TimeZoneInformation

  4. Open Control Panel -> Administrative tools -> Services (or "manage computer" and go to services) and select apple time service. set this to DISABLED.

  1. Done

This will prevent Apple Time Service to "sync" the time on your Bootcamp partition an Mac OS X, wich it does poorly.